business exposure


Your Business and brand can be featured in our TV series along with Big Jib Productions 8 Month Massive Multi Media Marketing BLITZ!
“Television is the most valuable commodity in the world , nothing beats it! TV is greater than movies or commercials. You will find that the exposure level that Big Jib Productions offers will be monumental for your brand” Donny Love


6 Episodes to be run 3 times ( 4 months) on NTV, broadcast in HD to over 30 million homes.( with your business/ brand included )and repeated syndication in the future on the station.

A Shows aired on Eastlink Television : Broadcasting throughout all outposts and communities of Newfoundland.

Jiffy Cabs / Back window advertisements

Publications printed stories, such as (Telegram, Home and Cabin Magazine,The Downhome Magazine,Buy and sell Magazine,Refined Magazine,The Overcast Magazine ,NL Herald Stories , The Real Estate Book Of NL

Voting signs around the city

Mass High End Postering Campaign

All Shows aired on Roger’s TV, ( Audience Reach : 150,000 - 145,00 Cross Island - Central/Western Area and the St. John’s Area with an Expanded Coverage of an additional 50,000 - 75,000 viewers with its new partnership with Eastlink. Total Combined Reach is 165,00 - 200,000 + ) and played 7 days a week for each episode = massive repeat exposure of our tv show.

Social Media Advertising Explosion Blitz ( payed boosts of promo’s) Big Jibs 8 Facebook pages (40 k reach) Also NTV - ( the broadcaster) 134,122 reach

Billboards on Building and HotSpot Areas around the city.

NTV Heavy Rotation Television promo commercials with your business brand included.

Digital Outdoor Billboards around the city featuring you Business name

MetroBus Sings with featuring your business

Series to be relaunched as Social Media Web-episodes after.

Radio promotions

Your very own 15-30 sec, fully produced TV Commercial! Explaining to the viewers about your business and what it offers. This Commercial will ari throughout our tv shows and is your to keep!

Your Business featured on our TV Series aired on NTV, Rogers TV and Eastlink Tv