Television / Marketing / Multimedia

Where creativity meets originality!


* BIG JIB PRODUCTIONS Inc, founded by Donny Love, is a progressive,independent TV Production, Media, Advertising Marketing firm.

* We create Reality, Documentary, Lifestyle and Comedy television series and much more!

* We also create a Multimedia Advertising Marketing Mix “Blitz”, that gives businesses a monumental reach, with a powerful and unique, efficient way to advertise.

* Our Firm has the potential to reach 100 of thousands of new costumers, with enthusiasm, vision and creativity that is ever evolving we balancing business affairs with strong creative skills.

*With 25 year experience in the art,promotion and media production industry, we provide our clients a unique, professional perspective on their marketing media related needs.

*Through Television Networks,Social Media and Print, we provide a powerful package to increase business growth and sales, giving you a monumental exposure. If your looking for exposure that reaches the masses, Big Jib is your secret weapon!